While France Is on the Streets…Give Us Benefits, Benefits, Benefits! Part Five

April 24, 2013

“Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families that are denied official recognition can miss out on many benefits such as common income tax computations or other benefits that are made available to heterosexual families when a family member dies or is injured. Thus these families can experience serious economic hardship and disadvantages as a result of the lack of recognition of their family.” (Source: ILGA Europe)


This poster depicts a “lesbian family” with two women and their children. While it claims to seek equity in benefits between homosexual families and heterosexual families, what it is really demanding is legal recognition of same-sex marriage or civil partnership, as well as official state recognition of both women as the children’s parents. After all, it is through these mechanisms that heterosexual couples and their children receive benefits in the event of death or injury.  

Concerning the two women, one may be reminded of what has been said above with regard to “survivor’s pensions”. The granting of common income tax computations is appropriate in cases where, due to the commitment to raising a family, a person has a limited possibility of earning a salary or acquiring pension rights. The idea that such benefits should be granted indiscriminately to all and every same-sex couples — most of whom have double incomes and no children — is absurd.

By appealing to the public’s emotional concern for what might happen to the children of these women, the poster ignores the pre-existing obligation of two parents — a biological father and a biological mother — to contribute to their children’s subsistence. The children’s perspective is thus not an argument that could justify the necessity of legally recognising “same-sex families”.

As has been said, the Commission has no business providing any financial support to a campaign which seeks that which many Member States, by their own legislation, have rejected.