Parliament Votes for Abortion as a Means to Prevent HIV/AIDS

December 2, 2011

Yesterday, the European Parliament voted on the HIV/AIDS resolution, on which we reported last week.

Unfortunately, all bad passages were adopted. The resolution calls for “safe and legal” abortion as a means of HIV/AIDS prevention. In other words, the European Parliament is of the opinion that in order to contain the epidemic, the abortion of potential carriers of the virus is a legitimate means.

Only one out of seven problematic passages was rejected by a majority of the EPP group (the group that contains Christian democrats) and about half of the Conservatives, however not enough to ban “safe and legal abortion” from the resolution. All other passages were adopted by a solid majority, including those calling for “strong linkages between sexual and reproductive health and HIV services” (§14) and for “HIV/AIDS prevention [to] become[s] an integral part of sexual and reproductive health care” (Recital AA).

In the final vote, a vast majority voted in favor of the resolution. With the exception of 86 against and 44 abstentions, 454 parliamentarians voted in favor of a resolution that promotes abortion as a means of HIV/AIDS prevention. Among them are many Christian democrats, conservatives and other MEPs who regularly tell us how important it is to protect the dignity of the person and to respect the right to life.

This vote shows once again that the much-acclaimed European values have become arbitrary and vain. What should they be if not first and foremost Article 1 (“Human dignity is inviolable. It must be respected and protected”) and Article 2 (“Everyone has the right to life”) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the European Union? Yesterday’s vote shows that they have atrophied to not much more than a lip service of the European Parliament and of most individual MEPs.

The only way to change this is get YOU involved! MEPs need to hear your voice; they need to get encouragement or complaints from their constituency.

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