Large Majority Of Children In Europe Live With Married Parents

November 7, 2011


Eurostat presents report on Living arrangements in the EU27. The message is clear and does away with ideological prejudices: Three out of four children in the EU27 lived with married parents in 2008. One child in seven lived in a single parent household.

In all Member States, the most common living arrangement for children aged less than 18 years was to live in a household with married parents.

In 2008, 74% of children in the EU27 lived with two married parents, while 14% lived in a single-parent household and 12% in a household with cohabitating parents.

Just over half of children lived in 2008 with two married parents in Estonia and Sweden (both 54%), while the proportion was around 90% in Greece (92%) and Cyprus (89%). Children living in a household with cohabitating parents were most common in Sweden (27%), Estonia (23%), France (21%) and Slovenia (20%), while the highest shares of children living with one parent were found in Latvia and Ireland (both 23%), Estonia and the United Kingdom (both 21%).

These figures on living arrangements in the EU Member States come from a report published by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. The report covers a broad range of information including children, persons over 65, multigenerational households and young adults.