Gender Activists Alarmed: New Report on the "Anti-Gender Mobilizations in Europe" by Left-Wing Think Tank

Juillet 31, 2015

By Gabriele Kuby

The world-wide operating Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) is the intellectual activist centre of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) which presently governs Germany in a coalition with the Christian Democratic Party under Chancellor Angela Merkel. As their publications and conferences reflect, the FES pushes for same-sex marriage, reproductive rights, biotechnology, sexual diversity, gender equality, and sexual education. It also publishes reports with the intention of “naming and shaming” individuals, organizations, parties, and networks which work on behalf of life and the family.

The FES’s latest publication takes an international approach, describing anti-gender activists and actions in France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia. Titled Gender as Symbolic Glue: The position and role of conservative and far-right parties in the anti-gender mobilizations in Europe, the report was published by something called the Foundation for European Progressive Studies – “with the financial support of the European Parliament” and the Budapest branch of the FES.


La commission européenne veut étendre son pouvoir juridique sur les états membres

Novembre 13, 2013

Au moment même où l’on pensait pouvoir lever le pied sans danger, des bureaucrates de Bruxelles ont annoncé des projets visant à élargir les pouvoirs de la Commission européenne concernant les questions judiciaires des Etats membres de l’Union Européenne. Sous prétexte de défendre et de renforcer “l’état de droit”, le Président José Manuel Barroso et la Commissaire à la Justice Viviane Reding, ont tous deux parlés chacun de leur côté, de la nécessité d’un nouveau cadre juridique pour l’Europe entière. Le raisonnement qui sous-tend cette proposition prête à confusion et s’avère problématique.

Lors de son discours sur la situation de l’Union au Parlement Européen à Strasbourg, prononcé le 11 septembre 2013 dernier, le Président de la Commission Européenne Barroso a annoncé le projet d’aborder les “défis de l’état de droit” au sein des Etats membres. Selon lui, l’idée serait de “faire un pont” entre des procédures ciblées d’infraction d’une part et la suspension totale des droits d’un Etat membre d’autre part.

Coup de force dans cette réalisation… 



Victory: European Parliament stands for human dignity. ESTRELA report not adopted.

Octobre 22, 2013

In a loud and lively debate that is not often seen in this intensity at the European Parliament, a majority of MEPs voted for a referral back to committee of the highly controversial ESTRELA report on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. European Dignity Watch reported.

Although an alternative resolution, which sought to promote a dignified vision of maternal health, protect freedom of conscience and healthy sexual education for children, was not adopted, it is a great victory that the report has not been adopted today.

A referral back to committee will give time to investigate further the numerous problematic points of this report, especially the fact that it was co-written by the commercial abortion organisation International Planned Parenthood Federation in Brussels.

In the weeks leading up to the vote today, there has been growing awareness among MEPs of the deep problems related to an understanding of sexual and reproductive health that puts hypersexualisation of children from the earliest age on, a ‘right to abortion’ for all and a severe limitation of freedom of conscience at its centre.

Today, Parliament has sent a clear signal that this radical approach is not shared by the majority.

“We are very happy that not only Parliament came to its senses today with regards to sexual and reprductive health, but also that the voice of 1.4 Million citizens who signed the European Citizen Initiative “One of Us” for a greater protection of human dignity are heard and represented in today’s decision”, says executive director of European Dignity Watch, Sophia Kuby. 


Worldwide Support for Russia's Child Protection Law

Septembre 02, 2013

Human rights organizations from around the globe have signed a statement in support of the law on the protection of children from disturbing sexual propaganda in Russia. The country has been heavily attacked by some small, but very vocal LGBT organizations for passing this law, because it seeks to promote heterosexuality and a functioning family with a mother and a father as role model for society and children. The statement, which European Dignity Watch has signed and supports along with 103 organizations from 33 countries, affirms "that the natural family created through the marriage of a man and a woman is the foundation of any human society and is entitled to protection by society and the State as stated in the international Human Rights norms, including Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Art. 16 (3)). Any harmful initiative for the natural family is destructive for the society as a whole. We also affirm that the children need special protection due to their innocence and immaturity." 

It reminds that the concepts of "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" are not part of any international binding treaty or agreement, whereas parental rights to educate their children are. 

Organizations can still join in the support and sign the statement. Contact 



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