Focus on Human Rights

and Lobbying

Brussels, 21-24 November 2018

The November 2018 EAA will focus on the right to life, religious freedom, and freedom of speech and also on the lobbying methods at the international level. Civil society leaders need to to be active in the public debate with regards to fundamental freedoms, family, and life – and to have both the arguments and the skills needed to increase influence in these areas.

Is the EAA for you?

The EAA is for you if:

  • you work full-time on issues related to freedom, family and life, or if you share a serious part-time commitment to them.
  • you work in lobbying and policy making on behalf of the issues that EAA focuses on.
  • you are training to become a public voice in your own country on behalf of the issues that EAA focuses on.
  • you are actively involved in the public debate (TV, newspapers, radio, public speaking)

What will you learn?

After completing the EAA you will:

  • know the basis of human rights, especially with regards to freedom, family and life issues.
  • know the ways in which the challenges to the right to life, freedom of speech, and religious freedom can be addressed.
  • know how the international institutions work and what are the effective methods and tools for lobbying and for promoting freedom, family, and life into the public square.
  • be more aware of the deep cultural changes that our societies are undergoing today and understand why and how these changes come about.
  • establish a network that allows you to increase your political impact nationally and internationally.

The EAA is designed for European participants. All applications received shall be reviewed and successful applicants shall be informed of their acceptance no later than the 5th of October.


The November programme will include:

Key Messages on the right to life, freedom of speech, and religious freedom.

Practical lessons on lobbying.

Networking opportunities, dinners with special guests, and exchanges with participants on specific topics.

Date & Venue

Lodging and meals shall be provided.

* A limited number of scholarships is available.
Contact to get more information if you need to apply for one.


21-24 November 2018





Participation fee*

double room

single room



Paul works in the European Parliament as a political adviser for the European Conservative and Reformists group (ECR); he follows the hot topics of Migration policy, drugs and Fundamental Rights, advising members of the parliament on upcoming legislation in all areas of justice and home affairs. He uses his broad experience bioethics, family policy and religious freedom to advise like-minded politicians and challenge those of different views.


Nicola is the Secretary General of the European Federation of Catholic Family Associations (FAFCE), an organisation headquartered in Brussels, which represents 20 Family organisations, is a member of the EU Fundamental Rights Platform and holds a Participatory Status with the
Council of Europe, habilitate to submit collective complaints to the European Committee of Social Rights. Before starting to work for FAFCE as Policy Officer in 2014, Nicola was a trainee at the EU Delegation to the OECD and the UNESCO in Paris, graduated in International Relations and European Affairs at the Institute of Political Sciences of Strasbourg (Sciences Po’ Strasbourg) and at the Catholic University of Paris, holding a bachelor’s degree in History from the European University of Rome.


Hrvoje is Director of Partnership for Europe for World Youth Alliance. He holds a BA in Business and Master of Arts in Economics from the University of Zagreb. Prior to being selected as Director of Partnership he served as WYA Europe Regional Director and he worked as project manager for a business consultancy company. He also holds a second BA in Philosophy and has finished the MA Philosophy Program of the University of Zagreb. He is a Phoenix Institute alumnus, from which he was awarded a Diploma in Advanced Studies in Political, Economic and Social Sciences.


Adina serves as Legal Counsel for ADF International in Belgium,
advocating for religious freedom at the European Union. Prior to joining ADF International, Adina worked extensively in academic research. She was a research assistant at Maastricht University in the Netherlands and at the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Austria, where she assessed human rights policies. She holds a doctorate in Law and Religion from Karl Franzens University in Austria, and is a regular writer and speaker on the issue of freedom of religion or belief.


Giorgio serves as UN representative for ADF International in Geneva, where he participates in the triannual UN Human Rights Council meetings. In this role, he provides Member State
representatives with key legal resources and amendatory language that promote religious freedom and the inherent value and dignity of every person. Prior to joining ADF International, Mazzoli practiced law with a large international firm in Rome, where he focused on transnational contract negotiations, intellectual
property, and a wide range of civil and commercial disputes.

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