Democracy Has Prevailed!

November 21, 2012

Dr. Tonio Borg, EU Commissioner-designate for Health and Consumer Protection, was approved this morning at 12:40 CET by the European Parliament. A majority of 386 to 281 against (and 28 abstentions) endorsed the Commissioner who had been nominated by Malta.

Despite the attempts of intolerant special interest groups to discredit Borg because of his personal beliefs on social issues such as abortion and marriage, Dr. Borg proved to be a suitable candidate for the position. MEPs were convinced not only by his professional qualification but by his excellent performance at parliamentary hearings last week.

This is a great day for Europe’s democracy! Today the fundamental principles of the European Union — subsidiarity, freedom of conscience and free speech — have been affirmed.

Given the hard lobbying campaign that was mounted against Dr. Borg and his personal convictions since he was nominated, a majority of MEPs have shown with today’s vote that there is room in a modern democracy for a wide range of personal and political views. The vote is a clear statement that most Europeans do not want the narrow and intolerant social agenda that some vocal lobby groups advocated for in their campaign against Tonio Borg.

European Dignity Watch congratulates Dr. Borg for the trust he has been given by the European Parliament and thanks all the MEPs who today have voted in favor of a diversity of views — and who have thus supported a tolerant and democratic Europe.