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A Critical Review of the Photo Exhibition “Different families, same love”, hosted by the European Commission

23. Mai 2012

Modern Thought Crimes - Or Simply A Different View - Part One

From 10-20 May 2011, the European Commission’s headquarters at the Berlaymont building in Brussels hosted a photo exhibition organised by ILGA-Europe (the International Lesbian and Gay Association).

According to the information given, the European Commission provided “generous financial support” for the exhibition, which took place under the patronage of Viviane Reding, the Commission’s Vice-President. The Commission seems to have provided similar financial support to ILGA-Europe on other occasions. In a speech given in Warsaw in 2007, Caecilia Malmstrom, then Swedish Minister for Equality, said “the EU is financing two thirds of ILGA's activities”.

By financing ILGA-Europe’s campaigns and activities, the European Commission is not only putting its financial resources at the service of a narrow, special interest group, but is using its prestige and political influence to support a broader political agenda that aims to redefine the very concepts of marriage and family.

All this raises serious questions about the appropriateness and legitimacy of the Commission’s actions, especially given the fact that marriage and family are wholly outside the competence of the European Union — and, hence, the Commission. Moreover, ILGA’s narrow political agenda is not shared by all EU Member States and is, in fact, viewed quite critically by many citizens.

Since 2008, the photo exhibition “Different families, same love” has been — and continues to be — shown in various places across Europe as part of a broad campaign. In view of this, European Dignity Watch has prepared this series, which will provide critical commentary on the exhibition in an effort to reveal its underlying political agenda.


EU Fundamental Rights Agency fabricates victims of LGBT "discrimination" in a new survey

04. April 2012

The EU Fundamental Rights Agency has decided to spend €370.000 of taxpayers’ money on a new LGBT survey on 'discrimination against LGBT people' in Europe. Given the way the survey is designed the result is preset: Almost every LGBT person faces ‘discrimination’. The claims are predictable: laws need to be changed, privileges granted, dissenting opinion prosecuted as ‘hate speech’. Now the 'facts' have to be fabricated. FRA and ILGA Europe have taken up work.

In a few months from now, the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) will publish an alarming report, affirming that the rampant discrimination of homosexuals and lesbians is one of the most serious social problems in the EU, and that radical legislative measures are necessary to address it. We may safely assume that the report is already in the course of being drafted. What is still missing, however, are the “facts” on which the report will be based. These still need to be fabricated.

To this end, the Agency has commissioned a “European LGBT Survey” that is carried out by the market research institute Gallup jointly with the controversial LGBT pressure group “ILGA-Europe”.