Brussels, 10-13 April 2018

Brussels, 10-13 April 2018

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    Step 1. Please fill in your personal information.

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    Do you have any health, medical or other concerns of which we should be aware?

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    I commit to completing any pre-readings for the European Advocacy Academy. Any pre-readings will be sent to participants about three weeks prior to the annual meeting.
    I am willing to share my contact information with the other participants in the European Advocacy Academy.
    I understand that pictures and videos may be taken during the EAA and I give permission for them to be used in online and printed material belonging to European Dignity Watch.

    EDW will not share your contact information or your photographs with anyone without your permission.
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    Step 3. Please fill in your professional and work skills.

    Highest educational/academic degree

    Which entity/organisation(s) do you work for?

    Is this your full time job?

    Are you the spokesman of this entity?

    Have you been in a communication role for your organization? Please give examples.

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    Step 4. Please fill in your language and Communication skills.

    Mother Tongue

    Do you have professional proficiency in English?

    How would you define your communication skills?

    Have you gone through communication training?

    What are the main political challenges in your country at the moment? (For example: marriage, freedom of religion, gender identity, human dignity, etc.)

    What do you expect from the training we are offering?

    Do you have any further comments?

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    Step 5. We are almost there.

    Lodging preference

    Lodging preference


    Price includes: Lodging, Conference, Most meals, Trainers, Materials


    The participation fee is already 80% sponsored by generous donors.

    Please note that all travel expenses are your responsibility.

    You will be informed whether you application has been approved no later than the 1st of March. Once approved, you will have 5 days to make the payment. Only after that will your registration process be completed.

    A limited number of scholarships are available. Contact to get more information.

    Thank you very much for your collaboration!

    Your European Dignity Watch Team

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