Brussels, 22-25 November 2017

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participating in the EAA:

European Dignity Watch (EDW) advocates and protects free and just societies which are based on and depend on the importance of personal freedom, the family, and the right to life. We defend these as the foundations of any democratic society.

We advocate for personal freedom and personal responsibility, which bring about certain rights and duties. In our activities, we focus on the freedom to act according to one’s conscience and to express one’s opinion, and to act according to a specific faith or belief, not only privately but also publicly. We also defend the freedom of parents to educate their children according to their values.

We seek to protect the family, an institution which is based on and respects the complementarity of man and woman cultivating a stable relationship as the basis of a family life. We affirm the family as the best place for children and adults to learn and cultivate love, mutual respect, and solidarity, and we recognize the contributions of the family to the creation of future generations and a prosperous society. In this regard, we defend marriage as the best way to achieve these goals.

We defend the right to life of every human being, beginning at conception and ending with natural death. We advocate this right as the first and most basic right in a just society, and work to see that society recognizes the inherent dignity of every human person, regardless of his or her concrete circumstances. Consequently, we work for the protection and the promotion of the dignity of the human person from which every other human right derives.

We regard these principles as inscribed in and derived from the common nature of every person, and consider them as necessary and stabilizing elements of our modern societies. These principles can be recognized by everyone regardless of one’s faith or beliefs, and we consider them essential to live together in a pluralistic society.

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