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No culture of dialogue between the State and Religion - “European Charter for Secularism”

July 03, 2015

On June 30 MEP Marina Albiol Guzmán (GUE/NGL) and Francsico Delgado (President of the Spanish association “”) gave a press conference in the European Parliament in which they presented a “European Charter for Secularism and Freedom of Conscience”. Now they seek to find supporters for an open debate on it within the EP. In its radical vision of secularism, the Charter – which appeals to all “the countries that make up Europe” – endangers a culture of dialogue within society. The paper’s argument attacks the free European societies and reveals a resolute approach against the fundamental pillars of democracies: personal freedom and responsibility, fundamental rights and the family.

Beginning with a claim for a “strict separation between the State and religious or personal beliefs”, the authors of the paper state their absolutist position against a mutual dialogue with religions. In particular they criticise the Lisbon Treaty, which calls European institutions to “respect and not prejudice, in virtue of the internal laws of each member state, the internal relations of these with religions or other philosophical entities and non-confessional groups”.

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History repeats itself: How secularists dream their world at the European Parliament

November 13, 2014

The European Parliament Platform for Secularism in Politics (EPPSP), whose Advisory Board is composed of 11 different European NGOs, met November 12 to set their objectives for the next five years of the new legislature. Calling for a “right to secularism” was defined as one of its top priorities.

In the ideal world of the European secularists – who think liberal democracy is constantly under threat from religion – citizens who are believers would not have the same right as other citizens to engage in public debate. They would be silenced. And European secularists would consider this democratic progress, freedom or even political neutrality. They argue that the political sphere must be ‘protected’ from all religious belief which continues to influence democracy and human rights. Furthermore, according to those who militantly advocate for a Europe free from religion, it is the Vatican – with its “huge powers” – that is the main threat to modern secular society. 

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FRA’s big lie on “homophobia” challenged at the European Council

October 29, 2014

Yesterday, the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) together with the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU (all 28 Member States) held a conference in Brussels on ‘Tackling sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination’. With more than 200 representatives from the 28 Member States and civil society organizations in attendance, the high-level conference pushed for stronger sanctions -- including criminal ones -- against such ‘discrimination’.

But the conference’s agenda was based entirely on the unreliable results of the FRA’s survey on discrimination against LGBTI, which has been much criticized during the past year -- in the media and by many Brussels-based NGOs – because of serious flaws in its design. At yesterday’s conference, despite more questions from the floor about its methodology -- and the rather ideological and unscientific nature of the entire survey – these remained unanswered.

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